The Stanford Medicine WellMD Center was created in late 2015 with 5 year funding provided jointly by the School of Medicine, Stanford Health Care and Stanford Children's Health. 
Contact: wellmdcenter@stanford.edu

Mission Statement:
"To improve the health and professional fulfillment of physicians and the associated health of their patients, their students, and other members of the medical teams they lead."

Stanford Medicine will demonstrate the value of strategic investment in physician health to its missions of medical care, teaching and research.

Vision achievement - by creating a governance structure with accountability and resource commitment, and by emphasizing the need for scholarship to research the connection between physician health and system outcomes, our strategy for achieving our vision will address the domains of our WellMD Professional Fulfillment Model:

  • Culture of Wellness
    Organizational work environment, values and behaviors that promote self-care, personal and professional growth, and compassion for ourselves, our colleagues and our patients.
  • Efficiency of Practice
    Workplace systems, processes, and practices that promote safety, quality, effectiveness, positive patient and colleague interactions, and work-life balance.
  • Personal Resilience 

    Individual skills, behaviors, and attitudes that contribute to physical, emotional, and professional well-being. 

More About the Center

Dr. Tait Shanafelt

Center Director,
Chief Wellness Officer

Dr. Mickey Trockel

Director, Scholarship and Health Promotion

Mary Lou Murphy

Administrative Director