The Stanford Medicine WellMD Center was created in late 2015 and jointly funded by the School of Medicine, Stanford Health Care and Stanford Children's Health. 
Contact: wellmdcenter@stanford.edu

Mission Statement:
"To advance the well-being of physicians and those they serve."

WellMD Professional Fulfillment Model:

  • Culture of Wellness
    Shared values, behaviors, and leadership qualities that prioritize personal and professional growth, community, and compassion for self and others.
  • Efficiency of Practice
    Workplace systems, processes, and practices that promote safety, quality, effectiveness, positive patient and colleague interactions, and work-life balance.
  • Personal Resilience 

    Individual skills, behaviors, and attitudes that contribute to physical, emotional, and professional well-being. 

    WellMD Professional Fulfillment Model

More About the Center


Organizational Chart

Center Leadership:

Dr. Tait Shanafelt

Center Director,
Chief Wellness Officer

Dr. Mickey Trockel

Director, Scholarship and Health Promotion

Sherilyn Stolz

Executive Director

Jill Springer

Administrative Director