The Stanford Physician Wellness Committee was formed in 2011 by Dr. Bryan Bohman.  Our vision is to:

Create a practice environment that supports optimal physician wellness and professional satisfaction by ensuring the organization’s leadership, goals, structures and systems facilitate a healthy professional work-life.”

Since its inception, our guiding principle has been that the professional satisfaction of physicians and other caregivers is inextricably linked to quality, safety and patient-centeredness.

Committee Co-Chairs

Dr. Rebecca Smith-Coggins
Emergency Medicine
Assoc. Dean, Medical Student Life Advising
Director, Office of Medical Student Wellness

Dr. Dana Welle
Risk Management


More About Committee

Committee Members

  • Dr. Wes Alles
    Director, Health Improvement Program
  • Dr. Laura Bachrach
    Professor, Pediatrics
    Director, Pediatric Resident Support Program
  • Dr. Sumit Bhargava
    Clinical Associate Professor, Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine
  • Dr. Bryan Bohman
    Clinical Associate Professor, Anesthesiology and UHA
    Committee Founder and Immediate Past Chair
    Interim Director, WellMD Center
  • Dr. Tara Cornaby
    Clinical Associate Professor, Anesthesiology
    Co-Director, Anesthesia Resident Support Program
  • Patty de Vries, MS
    Director of Strategic Projects, WellMD Center
  • Magali Fassiotto, PhD
    Assistant Dean, Office of Faculty Development and Diversity
  • Dr. Bruce Feldstein
    Adjunct Clinical Professor, Internal Medicine
    Chaplaincy Service
  • Charelle Fernandez, MS
    Director, HealthySteps
  • Dr. Benny Gavi
    Clinical Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine
  • Jacqueline Genovese
    Associate Director, Arts, Humanities and Medicine Program
  • Dr. Suzanne Gokel
    Clinical Instructor, Internal Medicine
  • Margaret Govea, MS
    Director of Medical Student Wellness
  • Maryam Hamidi, PhD
    Associate Director for Scholarship & Health Promotion, WellMD Center
  • Dr. Greg Hammer
    Professor, Anesthesiology
  • Dr. Stephanie Harman
    Clinical Associate Professor, Palliative Care
    Director, IM Resident Support Program
  • Dr. Natalya Hasan-Hill
    Clinical Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology
  • Andrea Hausel, MPH, RD
    Director, UHA Wellness
  • Dr. Anita Honkanen
    Clinical Professor, Pediatric Anesthesia
  • Dr. Joe Hopkins
    Clinical Professor, Internal Medicine
    Sr. Medical Director for Quality
  • Dr. Bob Horowitz
    Consulting Professor, Stanford Prevention Research Center
  • Dr. Nawal Johansen
    Clinical Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Laurence Katznelson
    Professor, Neurosurgery and Medicine
    Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education
  • Dr. Cynthia Khoo
    Resident, Anesthesiology
  • Dr. Manuela Kogon
    Clinical Associate Professor, Psychiatry
  • Emi Lesure, PhD
    Social Science Researcher
  • Dr. John Mark
    Clinical Professor, Pediatrics (Pulmonary Medicine)
  • Dr. Rebecca Miller
    Resident, Neurology
  • Dr. Daniel Murphy
    Professor, Pediatric Cardiology
  • Mary Lou Murphy, MS
    Administrative Director, WellMD Center
  • Dr. Caroline Okorie
    Fellow, Pediatrics (Pulmonary)
  • Dr. Lars Osterberg
    Associate Professor, Internal Medicine
    Director, Educator's for Care (E4C) Program
  • Ravi Prasad, PhD
    Clinical Associate Professor, Anesthesiology
    Co-Director, Anesthesia Resident Support Program
  • Dr. Jochen Profit, MPH
    Associate Professor, Pediatrics (Neonatology)
  • Dr. Zakia Rahman
    Clinical Associate Professor, Dermatology
  • Dr. Kristen Raj
    Clinical Instructor, Psychiatry
  • Dr. Geoffrey Riley
    Clinical Associate Professor, Radiology
  • Dr. Amelia Sattler
    Clinical Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Rachel Seaman
    Internal Medicine - UHA
    Chair, UHA Provider Wellness
  • Dr. Kelly Skeff
    Professor, Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Rebecca Smith-Coggins
    Professor, Emergency Medicine
    Co-Chair, Physician Wellness Committee
  • Marcia Stefanick, PhD
    Professor (Research), SPRC
  • Dr. Harise Stein
    Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor, Ob/Gyn
    Website Editor, Newsletter Editor
    Director, Peer Support Program
  • Sonoo Thadaney, MBA
    Executive Director, Presence and Bedside Medicine
  • Dr. Mickey Trockel
    Clinical Associate Professor, Psychiatry
    Author, Physician Wellness Survey
    WellConnect Resident Phone Line
    Director of Scholarship and Health Promotion, WellMD Center
  • Dr. Eva Weinlander
    Clinical Professor, Family and Community Medicine
  • Dr. Dana Welle, JD
    Chief Medical Executive, The Risk Authority
    Co-Chair, Physician Wellness Committee
  • Dr. Mark Welton
    Professor, Surgery
    Chief of Staff
  • Dr. Louise Wen
    Clinical Instructor, Anesthesiology
  • Dr. Amanda Wheeler
    Clinical Assistant Professor, Surgery