The Stanford WellMD Center acts as agents of change with their own programs as well as a means for support, networking and collaboration between various department and institution initiatives.  Here is an overview of Center connected wellness programs for physicians and trainees.   Additional wellness opportunities can be found throughout this website.

Please contact us if you would like further information about any of these programs, or wish to be connected with a program director.


Community Building

Arts, Humanities and Medicine

Literature & Medicine Dinner Series (Jacqueline Genovese, Benny Gavi)
Medicine and the Muse Program (Audrey Shafer)
Medicine and the Muse Symposium (Shaili Jain and Jacqueline Genovese)
Music and Medicine Events (Jacqueline Genovese)
Pegasus Physician Writers (Hans Steiner)
Stanford Medicine Art Engagement for Medical Faculty (Jacqueline Genovese, Nawal Johansen, Bryant Lin)
Stanford Medicine Music Network (Jacqueline Genovese)
Wednesday Night Writes (Laurel Braitman)
Writer’s Workshops (Jacqueline Genovese)

3 Good Things Projects

NICU (Jochen Profit)

Schwartz Center Rounds (Sara Nikravan, Torrey Simons)
Women Faculty Networking Group
(Bonnie Maldonado)
Medical Staff Gala (Offices of the Chief of Staff)


Mindfulness Subcommittee (Lars Osterberg, Tara Cornaby)

Mindfulness Class for Physicians (Tara Cornaby)
Compassion Cultivation Class for Physicians
(Lars Osterberg)
Brief Compassion Training for Physician Well-being
(Bob Horowitz)
Healer's Art for Medical Students (Bruce Feldstein)


Website (Jill Springer)
(Jill Springer)

WellMD & WellPhD Minute Video Series (Courtney Shaughnessy)

Support Medical Staff

Medical Staff Peer Support Program (Harise Stein)
Medical Staff Litigation Support Program
(Harise Stein)
Academic Biomedical Career Customization
(Magali Fassiotto)
Time Banking System
(Magali Fassiotto)
University HealthCare Alliance Provider Wellness Program (Rachel Roberts, Andrea Hausel)

Support Housestaff

WellConnect 24/7 Phone Line (Mickey Trockel)
House Staff Peer Support Program
(Harise Stein)
Initiatives for Health and Well-Being
(Laurence Katznelson)
Specific Department Programs

Anesthesia PRIME Program (Tara Cornaby, Ravi Prasad)
Surgery Balance in Life Program
(Ralph Greco)
Pediatrics Humanism and Wellness Program
(Laura Bachrach)

Support Medical Students


Office of Medical Student Wellness (Margaret Govea)
Medical Student Life Advising Office
(Rebecca Smith-Coggins)
Respectful Educator and Student Mistreatment Committee
(Rebecca Smith Coggins, James Lau)


Educators for Care – E4C (Lars Osterberg)
Ears 4 Peers (Rebecca Smith-Coggins)
Reflection Rounds
(Bruce Feldstein)
Rathmann Fellows

Ethics and Humanities Scholarly Concentration (Audrey Shafer and Maren Grainer Monsen)
Medical Student Sleep Project (Rebecca Smith-Coggins)         


Stanford Programs

Health Improvement Program
Healthy Steps Program
Faculty Engagement Committee at LPCH (Christy Sandborg)



Physician Wellness Survey (Mickey Trockel)
SHALA - Stanford Health and Lifestyle Assessment
(Wes Alles)
Physician Wellness Qualitative Research Project
(Iris Schrijver)
Pediatric Fellow Wellness Survey
(Caroline Okorie, Sumit Bharagava)
Barriers to Resident Wellness
(Lindsay Borg,  Mickey Trockel)

Research with Other Institutions

Multi-Organization Resident Wellness Survey (Mickey Trockel)
EMR Study with Univ. of NM and Univ. of Minnesota
(Nancy Morioka-Douglas)

Health for Healers Research Group (Mickey Trockel)
Systematic Review of Definition & Measurement of Physician Wellness (Mickey Trockel)