Improving the Stanford Physician and Scientist Experience

The WellMD & WellPhD Center calls on Stanford Medicine as an organization to invest in the well-being of its physicians and biomedical scientists. Beginning from a foundation of evidence-based best practices and tracking measurements of well-being on a regular basis, the Center works to catalyze and shape the organizational conversation and bring about needed improvements. 

Below are initiatives underway at Stanford Medicine that are driving professional fulfillment at individual, team, departmental, and organizational levels.

Individual Initiatives

Physicians and scientists can leverage a range of resources, programs, and strategies to build the skills, behaviors, and attitudes that contribute to their professional fulfillment.


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Stories of Strength

We know that ensuring every physician’s well-being is work that’s never really done. That’s why we’re highlighting the work that physicians are doing to improve well-being for themselves, their teams and departments, and Stanford’s organization and culture.


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Department and Team Initiatives

At the departmental level, the WellMD & WellPhD Center has charted a clear journey from Stanford Doctor Survey™ and Stanford Scientist Survey™ results to catalyzing distributed ownership, organizational conversation, and targeted improvements.

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Task Forces

As concerns about the physician experience arise, Chief Wellness Officer Dr. Tait Shanafelt assembles Task Forces of experts who define the problem, understand the current state of the issue, and identify necessary improvements where needed.


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Organizational Initiatives

Stanford Medicine leadership and operational leaders have committed to improving physician and scientist well-being and professional fulfillment, investing in programs to yield systemic improvements.


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WellMD & WellPhD Minute

There are many initiatives at Stanford Medicine that help physicians and scientists reduce burnout and feel professionally fulfilled. WellMD & WellPhD Minute is a video series highlighting the various updates on the positive changes happening in your practice or research environment.

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Physician and scientist well-being continues to be a key topic of interest for the public, press and members of academia. As a leader in physician well-being research, the Center has led or co-authored many recent studies aiming to advance the field.  Learn More >


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