When was the last time you saw a doctor?

Who is your personal physician?
Having a personal physician:

avoids the pitfalls of self-diagnosis and self-treatment

provides support from a person who uniquely understands the pressures of your job.

Are you due for:

Screening labs - lipids, glucose, hemocult, TB
Dental cleaning
Blood pressure check
Osteoporosis screen
Pap test
Sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy

Planning a Pregnancy

Preconception Planning - CDC
Stanford Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Center - assessment of age-related ovarian reserve
Zika and Pregnancy - CDC

Planning a Trip

CDC vaccination and travel advisory guide by county
Stanford Travel Medicine Clinic
Jet lag prevention - NIH



Health Assessment and Coaching

Fitness Assessment

Clinicial Coaching and Counseling/Coaching - HIP
private individual health/wellness behavior change counselors

Personal trainer

Archived free HIP webinars on a variety of health and nutrition topics

Advanced Healthcare Directives

Accidents and sudden medical emergencies can happen to anyone. Help your family by filling out an AHD for yourself.

Get free forms at Guest Services or the Stanford Health Library

Free downloadable form from non-profit