Test Yourself

From the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania, take a variety of questionnaires relating to happiness, optimism, gratitude, grit, personal strengths and life meaning. Log in required for cumulative anonymous research purposes. Privacy policy.


Qualities of Resilience
10 Ways to Build Resilience
Letting Go of Grudges
8 Keys to Forgiveness
The Stanford Resilience Project


Happiness at Stanford (3:26 min)
3 Good Things (10:34 min)
Lessons in Resilience for Healthcare Trainees - and others! (37:15 min)


Mindfulness, Compassion
The Practice of Happiness (MED 130)
Pursuit of Health and Happiness (PEDS 206)
Forgive for Good (Center for Integrative Medicine)
Free online Science of Happiness course


Learned Optimism, Seligman M, 2006 ISBN-13: 978-1400078394
The How of Happiness, Lyubomirsky S, 2008 ISBN-13: 978-0143114956

Increase Exposure to Humor

Read the daily comics before leaving for work
Read a page/chapter of jokes at night before going to sleep
Funny page-a-day calendars
Internet joke websites, daily email feeds
Save a clip or electronic file of cartoons
Comedy Clubs
American Film Institute – list of 100 funniest movies
Funny dentist skit
- YouTube


Resilient Physicians

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from stressful circumstances.  It is one of the most important qualities that a physician can have.

Resilience can be learned.

Resilient people do experience stress, but are adaptable and positive in response to change and adversity.

Resilient physicians are able to retain their sense of purpose.  How could you renew your commitment to medicine?