Stories of Strength

At the WellMD Center, we frequently hear success stories about how physicians are improving well-being for themselves, their teams and departments, and Stanford’s organization and culture. But we know that successes don’t fully tell the story of what it’s like to be a physician, and successes aren’t the only reasons to celebrate. 

That’s why we’re focusing not just on stories of success but on Stories of Strength — stories of setbacks and comebacks, reflections and resets. Moments of deep engagement in the job along with days and nights that seem to never end. We want to tell the full, honest truth of what being a physician is really like. Stories of Strength how even the small steps — some taken to build resilience or ask for help in challenging times — make a difference.

Featured Video

Stanford physician Dr. Iram Ahmad reflects on her first day back in the OR after COVID-19 and a patient that helped her rediscover the joy of using her skills and expertise.