The Survey Process

The WellMD & WellPhD Center regularly seeks to empower all of Stanford Medicine to address areas of opportunity revealed in the results of the Stanford Doctor Survey™. The survey is a key part of our strategy to improve on the three components of the Stanford Model of Professional FulfillmentTM: Culture of Wellness, Efficiency of Practice, and Personal Resilience.

After presenting organization-wide results to the Dean, we provide department- and division-level reports from the survey to each leader. We schedule individual meetings to help Department Chairs understand their department-specific reports and reflect on their unique work unit. 

We also provide division-specific reports to the Chairs of large departments. The Chairs often include their Well-Being Directors and Physician Improvement Leaders in these initial discussions, making the report a trigger for a broader dialogue within the work unit of the team’s current situation and needs. 

Department Well-Being Directors (DWBDs) play an essential role in this process. Commissioned by their Department Chair and trained and mentored by the Center, Well-Being Directors help advance physician well-being and direct efforts in their department. They present survey results at departmental faculty meetings, help local units identify their highest priorities and galvanize the group toward action.

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