Get Confidential, One-on-One Peer Support

We as physicians all recognize the external and internal challenges that can interfere with our capacity to provide the best care for our patients and also care of our own wellbeing. Connecting to the intrinsic meaning and purpose of our work as physicians can be very difficult when we are under stress. Sometimes it is helpful to talk to another physician who understands our experiences and their potential negative effects on our work and home lives. Our colleagues may understand circumstances in a way that even our caring family members and friends may not.

The purpose of the Physician Resource Network (PRN) is to provide Stanford physicians and trainees with timely confidential, independent, legally-protected collegial support and resources to help deal with clinical, professional and/or personal challenges.

We connect Stanford Medicine physicians one-on-one with trained colleagues who can informally listen, provide perspective and resources, as well as identify options for getting help. We serve Stanford Medicine physicians who are faculty, residents and fellows, PCHA physicians and UMP physicians.

Physicians seek out PRN Support for a variety of reasons and this program exists to help our colleagues begin to navigate potential challenges of their lives, including:

  • Stress over difficult clinical events 
  • Concerns over risk management issues and potential litigation
  • Workplace conflicts
  • Work-home-life issues
  • Caregiving (children and elderly)
  • Burnout
  • Patient issues
  • Isolation and loneliness
  • Moral distress and vicarious trauma
  • Microaggressions and mistreatment from others
  • Personal or family concerns
  • Impact of the pandemic
  • Challenges with self-compassion
  • Career difficulties
  • Imposter phenomenon  

PRN peer supporters are Stanford Medicine physicians from a variety of specialties and practice settings who have volunteered to be trained as peer supporters. Although the program is endorsed by medical and administrative leaders, PRN Support is independent from the hospitals, medical school, PCHA and UHA.

The Process

  • Email (Emails to this address are seen only by the PRN Support Program Director.) 
  • You will be paired with someone whose career background is like yours. 
  • A peer supporter will contact you to meet in-person or by phone.


Peer Supporters

It is best that you email rather than reaching out to peer supporters directly to ensure a timely response, as some peer supporters may be temporarily unavailable.

Anita Honkanen, MD

Anesthesiology          Stanford Medicine peer supporter

Billie-Jean Martin, MD

CT Surgery                        Stanford Medicine peer supporter              


Lars Osterberg, MD

Medicine                            Stanford Medicine peer supporter              


Eva Weinlander, MD

Medicine                        Stanford Medicine peer supporter

Douglas Sidell, MD

Otolaryngology                Stanford Medicine peer supporter              


Beverly Joyce, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology        PCHA peer supporter 

Amina Ahmed, MD

Pediatrics                                  PCHA peer supporter 


Hannah Boal, MD

Pediatrics                          PCHA  peer supporter

Jasmin Makar, MD

Pediatrics                                  PCHA peer supporter

Amy Oro, MD

Pediatrics                                  PCHA peer supporter

Gordon Rosenberg, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology      UHA/SMP Peer Supporter

Martin Bronk, MD

Surgery                          UHA/SMP Peer Supporter

Kali Zivitz, MD

Pediatrics                                  PCHA peer supporter

Rama Polisetty, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology      UHA/SMP Peer Supporter

Dr. Al'ai Alvarez is the PRN Support Program Director and will assist in guiding your inquiries and requests. Please contact him through the PRN Support email


To Access the Program

You will hear back within 24 hours.

Program Director

For questions or more information, please contact Dr. Al'ai Alvarez.

Business Card

Keep or take a phone picture for reference or referral to a colleague. Business cards can be delivered via ID mail on request to


Post in work areas; printed flyers can be delivered via ID mail on request to