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Lloyd Minor

Exercises regularly

Dean, Stanford School of Medicine

Ann Weinacker

Fitness advocate

SHC Chief of Staff

Bryan Bohman

Tennis player

Chair, Physician Wellness Committee

Rebecca Smith-Coggins


Associate Dean for Medical Student Life Advising

Clarence Braddock


Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education

Janesta Noland

Yoga enthusiast

LPCH Medical Staff President

Tyler Johnson

Family man

Chief Resident
Internal Medicine

Danica Lomeli

Beginning rock climber

Medical Student

Well MD

This website is sponsored by the Stanford Committee for Professional Satisfaction and Support, to provide information and resources for physicians and physicians-in-training.
Rate yourself on a variety of well-being measures.
Check out the latest wellness-related events.
View the wide variety of health & well-being classes offered online or in person.
Get help 24/7 if you have immediate concerns about yourself or a colleague.
When was the last time you saw a doctor?
Share activities with other physicians.
Learn practical tips and resources for fitness, resilience, work-life, more.
Provide comments and suggestions to the Physician Wellness Committee.

Doctors who take care of themselves:

  • Are better role models for their patients
  • Are better role models for their children
  • Have higher patient satisfaction and safety scores
  • Experience less stress and burnout
  • Live longer

Use this Web site to find what works for you.

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