Doctors who take care of themselves:

Are better role models for their patients.

Are better role models for their children.

Have higher patient satisfaction and safety scores.

Experience less stress and burnout.

Live longer.

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WellMD Center announces annual awards

October, 2018
At the 2018 International Conference on Physician Health, the Stanford Medicine WellMD Center announced its annual awards for physician wellness leadership as well as for most impactful original medical wellness research paper.

Impact of physician burnout

August, 2018
Stanford researchers were instrumental in a study showing a correlation with physician burnout, fatigue, work unit safety and medical errors. More

Chief Wellness Officer Course

July, 2018
Last week Stanford provided the first course focused on training upcoming Chief Wellness Officers for medical organizations. More

National EHR Symposium

June, 2018
Stanford convened the first National EHR Symposium to address concerns of clinicians, regulatory bodies, insurance companies, and data researchers.  More

New Well-Being Directors Council

February, 2018
The WellMD Center has created an academic department Well-Being Director's Council to expand wellness awareness, disseminate program information, and encourage and support departmental unique interventions.  More

American Conference on Physician Health

October, 2017
The first American Conference on Physician Health was sponsored by Stanford, the AMA and the Mayo Clinic in San Francisco October 12-13, 2017. With 425 attendees, it was sold out.  Two new annual awards for physician well-being were inaugurated.  More

New WellMD Center Director Announced

June, 2017
In a first for an academic medical center, Dr. Tait Shanafelt from the Mayo Clinic will become Stanford Medicine's inaugural Chief Wellness Officer as well as the new Director of our WellMD Center.  More




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