Driving Well-Being Advancement

Initiatives spearheaded by Stanford Medicine, national organizations and other medical centers are driving research and institutional changes. Sustaining and building on this momentum could substantially improve the well-being of healthcare professionals around the country in the coming years, as medical leaders recognize physician burnout as a widespread epidemic.

Stanford Medicine was one of only two organizations to be given the highest designation possible in the American Medical Association (AMA)’s “Joy in Medicine” program in 2019. Read more >

Commensality Groups

Through facilitated small-group discussion, Commensality Groups have been shown to increase the sense of connection and collegiality among physicians and build comradery and meaning in work. This simple yet powerful evidence-based approach has been shown to improve professional fulfillment and reduces burnout in randomized trials with physicians. Learn more >

Physician Well-Being Videos and Courses

Learn about foundational and emerging topics in physician well-being through engaging media and materials. Learn more >

WellMD & WellPhD Minute

There are many initiatives at Stanford Medicine that help physicians and scientists reduce burnout and feel professionally fulfilled. WellMD & WellPhD Minute is a video series highlighting the various updates on the positive changes happening in our clinical practice and research environments. Learn more >


Physician and scientist well-being has been regularly featured in plenary sessions, workshops, and breakout sessions at the national meetings of major professional societies. As a leader in physician well-being research, the WellMD & WellPhD Center has led or co-authored many recent studies with far-ranging potential impact for the field. Learn more >

Courses and Conferences

Learn about a variety of well-being topics, ranging from designing and executing an effective strategy for a center of excellence to building impactful programs. Learn more >

How We Measure Well-Being

We use a variety of instruments that assess well-being and professional fulfillment at the organizational and departmental level. These are available to use with permission. Learn more >

Healthcare Professional Well-being Academic Consortium (Healthcare PWAC)

The Healthcare Professional Well-being Academic Consortium (PWAC) is a self-funded, national cohort of academically-affiliated medical centers with a collective mission of driving innovative advancement of physician well-being. Using a validated, holistic survey and a growing benchmark database, Healthcare PWAC facilitates longitudinal program evaluation and natural experiment studies of clinical provider wellness. Healthcare PWAC Administrative Headquarters is located at the Stanford Medicine WellMD & WellPhD Center. Learn More >

Progress at Stanford

Beginning from a foundation of evidence-based best practices and tracking measurements of well-being on a regular basis, the WellMD & WellPhD Center works to catalyze and shape the organizational conversation and bring about needed improvements. Learn more >