Accelerate Your Well-Being Work with Courses and Conferences

Creating a well-being center of excellence requires a custom strategy and impactful programs targeted to the specific needs of your organization. We've developed a suite of courses to help equip you, no matter your role or stage in the journey.

In a field that is dynamic and ever-evolving, our curriculum is continually updated with new insights and experiences. We've been delighted at the wealth of experience represented in the course participants themselves, who support and advise each other as peers and members of an interactive learning community.  Learn more > 

While you wait to attend one of our courses and conferences, below are key tools and resources to help you begin.

Get equipped to advance well-being in your organization.


Essential Tools

Explore opportunities to learn more about well-being and design your own program or center of excellence.

Self Assessment

We have developed a self-guided set of questions that helps individual physicians evaluate their personal levels of burnout and professional fulfillment.


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Commensality Groups

Facilitated small-group discussions that have been shown to increase the sense of connection and collegiality among physicians and build comradery and meaning in work.

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How We Measure Well-Being

The WellMD & WellPhD Center uses a range of instruments that assess well-being and professional fulfillment at the organizational and departmental level. These resources are available to use with permission.


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Well-Being Videos and Webinars

Engaging learning experiences, from multi-session modules to brief, on-demand training videos, that inform viewers about foundational and emerging topics in well-being (coming soon).


The Stanford Model of Professional Fulfillment™

A framework for professional fulfillment placing shared responsibility on the organization, department, and team as well as on the individual.


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