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Designing and Leading Well-being at the Local (Department or Division) Level

Supported by a gift from The Jen-Hsun & Lori Huang Foundation, in 2021 Stanford WellMD & WellPhD Center moved three cohorts through a virtual six-week Physician Well-being Director Course designed to equip and empower chiefs, chairs, structural line leaders, medical directors, wellness committee leaders, quality improvement leaders, program improvement leaders, residency program directors and others to be the agents of change at their organizations at the local level. The course was designed as synchronous, live learning experience with assignments and activities to complete between sessions. By the end of 2021 over 500 people in various local level physician well-being roles will have completed the course. 

What’s next?
     •  Future alumni community offerings for 2021 participants are under consideration
     •  In 2022 we plan to revamp this course to create asynchronous and synchronous offerings for local level leaders

Leaders with organization-wide responsibilities for physician well-being (e.g. c-suite or those with oversight over the well-being of 200+ physicians) are encouraged to apply for our Chief Wellness Officer Course which will occur June 12-17, 2022 in Half Moon Bay, CA. 

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