Providing Support for Individuals who are Lactating

Supporting individuals who are lactating is a priority at Stanford Medicine. Below you will find some resources including frequently asked questions to support you during your lactation journey. The Stanford WellMD and WellPhD Center Lactation Support Council is established to drive system and department level improvements and facilitate a culture of lactation support, based on the 2021 Lactation Taskforce recommendations

If you would like to submit a brief note of encouragement to a breastfeeding/ chestfeeding individual or message of gratitude to a colleague who has supported you on your breastfeeding /chestfeeding journey, please click on the appropriate button. 


If you are planning to or are currently breast/chestfeeding, our lactation council members would love to connect with you to help support you. Please reach out to your lactation council member*. 

*This webpage also contains the list of lactation spaces along with access codes, if needed. A SUNet ID is required to access this page.


Below you will find searchable and filterable a list of lactation spaces on the Stanford Medicine campus. Please note:

  • Hospital grade pumps are available in all 300P, 500P, and LPCH hospital lactation spaces.
  • Microwaves are available in many (but not all) 300P and 500P lactation spaces.
  • Computers are available in 300P A001, 1510A, and B244.
For more information about the lactation spaces, including room access codes, and whether the space has a hospital grade pump, microwave, computer, or a sink, please visit here.
Location Floor Wing Room Cleanliness Reservation system Space Refrigerator

More Information

For more information on how the lactation council was formed, please visit the Lactation Task Force page.